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25 years of helping brands build their most inspiring long-term memories

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Have you ever left a meeting feeling like you have no idea what to do next? The most common compliment our clients give us is that we always provide more than just data--it's clear after meetings with us what action needs to be taken.

Just like a good ad, good research tells a story.

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Measuring Memory

In marketing, every experience with a brand is important. Every interaction, whether it is using a product or service or seeing an ad, has the potential to create a brand memory. Ultimately, brand strength is based on both the number and types of brand memories you create.

What types of memories does your brand leave behind? Let us show you.

Contact us to get a copy of our book Branded Memory.

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Thought Leadership

Storytelling is at the core of what we do. We have deep appreciation for the fact that brand's invest billions in telling their own stories, so our client relationships tend to be true partnerships that include us striving to tell research stories in the context of the whole picture.

Visit our Points of View to see what we've written or contact us to learn more.

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Just about all brand and ad research firms put a claim on speed these days. However, too often, speed comes at the expense of completeness and quality.

While we can't claim to provide the "fastest data" out there, we do provide unmatched speed on your complete high-quality, research story. You don't have to trade off comprehensiveness and quality to meet your tight timelines.

Contact us to find out what tools we have available to fit your tight schedule.

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While we love the art side of research storytelling, we can't forget the science.

For 25 years now, our metrics have been proven to predict sales, usage, and awareness.

Contact us to find out more about the validation we've done and that our clients have done.


To date we've reached companies in 38 countries.

We're shooting for the moon after lunch.

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The most memorable moments in Advertising have been seen through the eyes of Ameritest

Over 150,000 visual memories since 1990

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